Life is full obstacles.

I am very cool person to get along with, I am to nice for my own good.I love music. I love reading, I am into art, I am into Games lol i am a huge Gamer when i want to be. The best part of this year i fell in love with someone that i can truly feel comfortable with and smile around. I adore my friends, they are my family.

But feel free to look around and enjoy.

What i want…

Is things to go back the way it use to be. I don’t know how to act anymore or how to be myself. Because of it i am losing everything that i want. My confidence, my hope,my dreams,my writing, everthing i had and was doing was giving me inspiration and because of one thing and one small thing to get me this way. I lost it.

Okay people.

Most of you are to stupid to realize Mila Kunis was doing a skit. Freaking out and calling a person a name cause she was acting is bit much. Lol grow the hell up and get over it. She is an actor this is what she does and i found it funny as hell what she did. Those of you who got their panties in a bunch just shows you that you have no sense of humour at all!

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